8 Basic Tips on How to Feed Your Pets Right
February 18, 2024

8 Basic Tips on How to Feed Your Pets Right

Good nutrition is one of the essential keys for the establishment of your pets well-being. So if you want your furry friend to be happy and healthy, paying attention to its diet is of high importance.

Tip #1: Dont overfeed!

Remember: slight malnutrition will do no harm while being overweight will cause your dog to feel unwell, ill, and short-lived. So, the correct meal is when the dog finishes all the food, licks the bowl with pleasure, and calmly moves away from it.

Tip #2: Never force your dog to eat!

If your furry friend refuses to eat, there should be a reason for it. Perhaps the food has gone off, or the previous meal was too plentiful.

Know that it's okay if your dog skips one meal and eats the next. But if the pet missed two feedings in a row, without touching the food at all, then most likely that it feels unwell. In such a case, visiting a vet would be a wise idea.

Tip #3: Keep a regular feeding schedule

To ensure good digestion and absorption of nutrients, the daily norm of food your dog eats should be divided into several portions. The frequency of feeding depends on the age of the dog.

Puppies under 3 months - 5 meals a day

Puppies under 6 months -  4 meals a day

Puppies under 1 year -  3 meals a day

Dogs over a year -  2 meals a day


Some sources state that an adult dog can eat 1 time a day. Still, we strongly recommend feeding your furry friend twice a day, because in case there are more than 12 hours elapses between meals, the dog may feel upset.

Tip #4: Slow Feeding is really important.

We’ve met many dogs who eating too fast and finally it caused some health problems. Recently, many parents noticed slow feeding will be a more and more important role in pets’ daily life. This is why we Snugpets focus on Slow Feeding products.

Snugpets offers your pets different slow eating experience from Slow Feeding bowls to Licking Mat, Slowing feeding puzzle toys..........

Tip #5: Meals of room temperature

A dog's food should be at room temperature: hot or cold meals can lead to an upset stomach.

Tip #6: No food before the walks

Unfortunately, not all dog owners know that their furry friend needs to eat after a walk, and in no case before it.

During walking, you can take our Snugpets Portable Water Bottle with you. Our bottles equipped with water cups, portable food boxes, and garbage bags to meet all your needs while walking.

Tip #7: Setting up an eating area

When you feed the dog, the bowl should be at the level of the pet's chest so that it does not tilt its head too low and its posture does not deteriorate. Ideally, you can set up a stand with an adjustable height, so you can change its height as your pet grows.

Tip #8: Food is in the safe area

It is better to place the food bowls in a cozy, quiet place so that nothing interferes with your dog when it eats. If you see that your pet grabs pieces of food and takes it to a secluded place to eat, or looks around all the time while eating, reacts to the slightest sound - move the bowl to another place.